• Celljammer,celljammer0027,Tallysman Wireless Inc. has added four new embedded VeroStar Mini products to its line of antennas. The ultra-compact and lightweight embedded VeroStar Mini models offer the same key features as the...

Celljammer , celljammer0027

Celljammer , celljammer0027


  • 2021/07/22
Tallysman Wireless Inc. has added four new embedded VeroStar Mini products to its line of antennas. The ultra-compact and lightweight embedded VeroStar Mini models offer the same key features as the full-size VeroStar models but in a smaller, lighter package, with either a 90-mm (58 g) or 106-mm (69 g) integrated ground plane, both 32.4 mm in height. Innovation: Design and performance of a novel GNSS antenna for rover applications The VSM6028, VSM6028L, VSM6328 and VSM6328L embedded VeroStar Mini antennas are designed and crafted for high-accuracy positioning. With an exceptionally low roll-off from zenith to the horizon, VeroStar antennas provide the excellent tracking of GNSS and L-band correction signals at low elevation angles. The VSM6028 VeroStar antenna. (Photo: Tallysman Wireless) Also, the optimized axial ratio at all elevation angles results in excellent multipath rejection, enabling accurate and precise code and phase tracking. Additionally, VeroStar antennas feature a robust pre-filter and high-IP3 LNA architecture, minimizing de-sensing from high-level out-of-band signals, including 700 MHz LTE, while still providing a noise figure of only 1.8 dB. The light and compact wide-band spherical antenna element enables the VeroStar Mini to deliver a ±2 mm phase center variation (PCV), making it suitable for high-precision applications such as autonomous vehicle navigation (land, sea, and air), smart survey devices, and maritime positioning. The VSM6028 supports the full GNSS spectrum (the VSM6028L includes support for L-band correction services), while the VSM6328 supports the GPS/QZSS-L1/L2/L5, GLONASS-G1/G2/G3, Galileo-E1/E5a/E5b, BeiDou-B1/B2/B2a, and NavIC-L5 signals and frequency bands (the VSM6328L includes support for L-band correction services). The unique features of the VeroStar Mini antennas guarantee it can deliver a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), high accuracy, and high precision in the most challenging environments.

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