• Cell phone blocker technology,mobile phone blocker Senneterre,In the latest update of its Motion Tracker product portfolio, Xsens has added active heading stabilization (AHS) to its core sensor fusion algorithms on the MTi 10-series and MTi 100-series. Both...

Cell phone blocker technology , mobile phone blocker Senneterre

Cell phone blocker technology , mobile phone blocker Senneterre


  • 2021/06/12
In the latest update of its Motion Tracker product portfolio, Xsens has added active heading stabilization (AHS) to its core sensor fusion algorithms on the MTi 10-series and MTi 100-series. Both series are MEMS-based inertial measurement units (IMU), attitude and heading reference systems (AHRS), and vertical reference units (VRUs). The AHS algorithm delivers fundamentally improved heading tracking accuracy, Xsens said. The improved robustness in heading tracking is particularly evident in Xsens’ line of vertical reference units (MTi-20 and MTi-200). These products now provide actively stabilized heading tracking, delivering 20x less drift than pure gyroscope dead reckoning for most application scenarios. This means heading tracking drift as low as 1 degree after one hour for many applications, while remaining fully immune to magnetic distortions. Xsens said this characteristic makes the MTi line of products a highly accurate, but cost-effective solution for robotic/indoor navigation, camera stabilization, satellite communication, directional drilling, borehole/pipeline inspection and pedestrian navigation applications, Xsens said. “Customers are already choosing our MTis because of their accurate heading tracking capabilities, but this algorithm will bring the accuracy to a whole new level, enabling more applications and creating new markets. The 12 cm2 MTi comes with an easy-to-use library, so that integrating the solution is straight-forward,” said Marcel van Hak, Product Manager of Industrial Applications for Xsens. AHS is available immediately as a free firmware upgrade to all MTi customers as part of the just-released MT Software Suite 4.3. The following video shows a demonstration of the Active Heading Stabilization, with the Xsens MTi is mounted on a robotic vacuum cleaner.


cell phone blocker technology

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