• Buy cell phone signal jammer pittsburgh pa,cell phone booster comparison,The global security, defense and aerospace company joins alliance dedicated to protecting, promoting and enhancing the use of GPS technology The GPS Innovation Alliance (GPSIA) is welcoming BAE...

Buy cell phone signal jammer pittsburgh pa - cell phone booster comparison

Buy cell phone signal jammer pittsburgh pa - cell phone booster comparison


  • 2021/07/21
The global security, defense and aerospace company joins alliance dedicated to protecting, promoting and enhancing the use of GPS technology The GPS Innovation Alliance (GPSIA) is welcoming BAE Systems Inc. as the newest member of the organization. BAE Systems, a global defense, security and aerospace company, joins member companies John Deere, Garmin, Trimble, Lockheed Martin and Collins Aerospace, a unit of Raytheon Technologies Corp., as well as 11 national organizations that make up GPSIA’s affiliates program. As the newest member of the alliance and the third aerospace and defense corporation to join the organization in eight months, BAE Systems will work with GPSIA to support its goal of enhancing GPS innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship — while advocating as the voice of the GPS industry in Washington. “We are excited to welcome BAE Systems as the newest member of the Alliance — a monumental addition that marks the doubling of our membership in the past eight months,” said GPSIA Executive Director J. David Grossman. “The continued growth of GPSIA demonstrates the criticality of protecting GPS and the substantial value our organization delivers through advocacy, information sharing, and technical standards. We remain committed to ensuring the economic and societal benefits of GPS are fully realized.” BAE Systems is a global leader in designing and implementing high-end technology to extend the reach and significance of GPS in defense. BAE Systems’ radiation-hardened electronics have been on board satellites and spacecraft for almost 30 years and are currently providing the high-performance onboard processing capability for the GPS III satellite mission. Promoting space resiliency for over 30 years, BAE Systems is a cornerstone of the growing importance of GPS technologies on the space frontier. BAE Systems has not only pioneered critical technologies suitable for GPS applications in space, but has also developed, manufactured, integrated and supported GPS receivers and guidance systems for advanced military applications on land, sea or air. The company was instrumental in the development of NAVWAR sensor technology, intended to meet growing challenges associated with maintaining military positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) advantage using satellite navigation, and has engineered top-tier jammers and navigation systems for decades. Their work has been critical in securing the safety and technological supremacy of our nation’s defenses. “GPS is an essential part of our world — from our infrastructure and economy to the security of our nation,” said Frank Ruggiero, senior vice president, government relations, BAE Systems. “As a leading provider of defense electronics and communications systems, we are excited to join the GPS Innovation Alliance to expand the development of cutting-edge GPS technologies.”


buy cell phone signal jammer pittsburgh pa

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