• Blocking gps signal,all gps frequency signal jammer,Broadcom Limited is offering a mass-market, dual-frequency GNSS receiver device, the BCM47755, designed to enhance location-based services (LBS) applications for mobile phones, tablets and fitness...

Blocking gps signal | all gps frequency signal jammer

Blocking gps signal | all gps frequency signal jammer


  • 2021/07/21
Broadcom Limited is offering a mass-market, dual-frequency GNSS receiver device, the BCM47755, designed to enhance location-based services (LBS) applications for mobile phones, tablets and fitness wearables. Equipped with the latest GNSS innovations, the device is capable of centimeter-level accuracy with minimal power consumption and footprint, enabling an entirely new suite of high-precision LBS applications including lane-level vehicle navigation and mobile augmented reality. Until now, mobile location based applications have been powered by single-frequency GNSS receivers operating under stringent battery-power and footprint constraints. The expanded availability of L1/E1 and L5/E5 frequencies in satellite constellations enables the use of two frequencies to compute position much more accurately in both urban and open area environments. BCM47755 uses two different frequency signals from each satellite. (Image courtesy of Broadcom) The BCM47755 delivers this higher level of location accuracy while meeting the rigorous battery power and footprint needs in mobile phones. The BCM47755’s accuracy allows location-based applications to offer a richer consumer experience. For example, lane-level knowledge of the vehicle’s location vastly improves the turn-by-turn navigation performance. Further, combining this accurate location with the lane’s traffic pattern gives consumers a significantly better estimate of arrival times. In the same vein, ride-sharing applications can be enhanced to more precisely pinpoint driver and client location. The BCM47755 consumes less than half the power of previous generation GNSS chips. Since GNSS and sensor applications are always on, this power efficiency has a proportional impact on the battery life of the mobile device. So, even while benefiting from a richer navigation experience, consumers will have a longer lasting battery on mobile devices that use the BCM47755. Product Highlights Advanced dual-frequency GNSS receiver capable of processing satellite signals in both L1/E1 and L5/E5 frequency bands providing higher level of location accuracy Incorporates new low power GNSS radio and dual-core ARM CM4-CM0 sensor hub More than 50 percent lower power consumption compared to previous generation GNSS receiver Delivers high-quality raw GNSS measurements for both code and carrier phase, enabling advanced location-based applications. “With the launch of the dual-frequency GNSS sensor hub, Broadcom continues the tradition of raising the bar for mobile GNSS,” said Vijay Nagarajan, senior director of product marketing of the Mobile Connectivity Products Division at Broadcom. “Location-based consumer applications can be disruptively enhanced with centimeter-level accuracy. On the other hand, lower power consumption and smaller footprint continue to be defining requirements for any mobile phone chip. The BCM47755 achieves these twin objectives for a richer consumer experience.”


blocking gps signal

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