• 3g, 4g jammer,gps,xmradio,4g jammer gun,The Institute of Navigation (ION) is seeking abstracts for ION GNSS+ 2021: GNSS + Other Sensors in Today’s Marketplace, which is slated to take place Sept. 20-24 in St. Louis. A virtual option for...

3g, 4g jammer | gps,xmradio,4g jammer gun

3g, 4g jammer | gps,xmradio,4g jammer gun


  • 2021/07/21
The Institute of Navigation (ION) is seeking abstracts for ION GNSS+ 2021: GNSS + Other Sensors in Today’s Marketplace, which is slated to take place Sept. 20-24 in St. Louis. A virtual option for the show also will be available. The conference will feature two tracks: commercial and policy, and research. The commercial and policy tracks include high performance and safety critical applications; status and future trends in GNSS; and mass market and commercial applications. The research tracks include multi sensor and autonomous navigation; algorithms and methods; and advanced GNSS technologies. The conference will also feature a new competition, the High Precision GNSS Positioning on Smartphones Competition. According to ION, participants will use a pool of GNSS datasets collected from smartphones and accompanied with high accuracy ground truth to achieve the best accuracy with the datasets provided. The winner will be based on the accuracy of the results. Team winners will win a cash prize, the opportunity to present their results during ION GNSS+ 2021 and be recognized during the ION GNSS+ Awards Ceremony, ION added. Abstracts must be submitted by March 5. Find out how to submit abstracts here.


3g, 4g jammer

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