• 12v gps jammer,sage quest gps jammer detector,The GPSdome OEM Board (Image: infiniDome) InfiniDome has released its GPSdome OEM board, which delivers GPS signal protection for UAV/UAS, fleet management and critical infrastructure. According to...

12v gps jammer | sage quest gps jammer detector

12v gps jammer | sage quest gps jammer detector


  • 2021/05/24
The GPSdome OEM Board (Image: infiniDome) InfiniDome has released its GPSdome OEM board, which delivers GPS signal protection for UAV/UAS, fleet management and critical infrastructure. According to the company, the GPSdome OEM board is designed for OEMs to fully integrate anti-jamming technology and deliver unmatched power and weight differentiation. The GPSdome OEM board also is offered as a PCB solution. When integrated into a GNSS receiver, GPSdome OEM board not only detects the attack, but also shields the received signals from being overpowered by jammers, the company said. When triggered, GPSdome OEM board sends an alert and notifies operators of the earliest possible detection of GPS/GNSS interferences. When infiniDome’s CommModule is integrated alongside GPSdome, the alert is sent to infiniCloud, infiniDome’s GPS Security Cloud, where users have access to real-time and statistical data on GPS attacks. According to infiniDome, the GPSdome OEM board is ideal for several applications and can be integrated into the flight controller of drones, telematics unit for fleets and inside the time server for critical infrastructure. “After learning from multiple customers that system size, weight and power limitations are getting more stringent, we addressed these market requirements with the smallest, lightest solution which will have minimal negative impact on system performance,” said Omer Sharar, CEO at infiniDome. “Our matchbook-sized GPSdome OEM board integrates into the flight controller of drones, the telematics unit for fleets, and inside the time server for critical infrastructure where it delivers signal protection for continuous operation of these mission-critical assets.” For users seeking to retrofit their existing larger drones and realize quick time-to-market, infiniDome also offers the solution in an IP-67 housing. The GPSdome OEM board is compatible with any GNSS receiver on the market and compatible with any off-the-shelf GNSS antennas with minor integration efforts, infiniDome added.


12v gps jammer

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