• Wifi jammer Causapscal,wifi jammer Lethbridge,The new GLONASS module Navia NL3333 has been released by the EuroMobile Wireless Solutions Company. The module is made in an original 8.7 millimeter by 9.5 millimeter form-factor on the base of...

Wifi jammer Causapscal | wifi jammer Lethbridge

Wifi jammer Causapscal | wifi jammer Lethbridge


  • 2021/03/09
The new GLONASS module Navia NL3333 has been released by the EuroMobile Wireless Solutions Company. The module is made in an original 8.7 millimeter by 9.5 millimeter form-factor on the base of MediaTek MT3333 chipset. The manufacturer has achieved reduced dimensions, as well as significant reduction in a power consumption compared with previous Navia modules. In all such significant improvements, according to the manufacturer, the price remains at an accessible level. Compared with other modules, the Navia NL3333 has a more flexible power scheme, with an active antenna power supply displayed on the additional output. This allows the customer to save space on the board using a passive antenna or install the necessary RF isolation (inductance) when an active antenna is necessary. Though labeled a GLONASS receiver, the Navia uses all of the GNSS constellations: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS and BeiDou. NL3333 has high sensitivity and fast time to first fix (TTFF). The module includes a noise reduction 12-step system. The module power range is 2.8 – 4.2 V, which can successfully be used in projects powered by Li-Pol batteries. The module connection is via UART, and the data are issued by NMEA protocol. The EuroMobile Wireless Solutions Company will display its latest developments at booth 81В40 at the 2016 Navitech exhibition, which will be held May 10-13 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow.


wifi jammer Causapscal

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