• Phone jammer kaufen grosse,phone jammer build house,Hemisphere GPS announces the Eclipse P300 and Eclipse P301 OEM modules — its next-generation high‑performance compact modules for RTK GNSS applications. Based on new Hemisphere GPS multi-function...

Phone jammer kaufen grosse | phone jammer build house

Phone jammer kaufen grosse | phone jammer build house


  • 2021/03/09
Hemisphere GPS announces the Eclipse P300 and Eclipse P301 OEM modules — its next-generation high‑performance compact modules for RTK GNSS applications. Based on new Hemisphere GPS multi-function application firmware and Eclipse GNSS multi‑constellation technology, P300 and P301 provide the ability for tracking commercially available GNSS signals for precise positioning. P300 is a drop-in board replacement for Hemisphere GPS’ successful Crescent L1 board as well as the first‑generation miniEclipse P200 GPS-only OEM board. P301 is the company’s 20‑pin OEM module configured as a drop-in replacement for a different industry standard interface. Eclipse P300 and P301 improve GNSS positioning performance, particularly with RTK applications, through Hemisphere GPS’ patent-pending SureTrack technology. Benefits include extended and more robust RTK solutions as the rover RTK receiver will process all available signals even if they are not common with the base receiver. RTK solutions are therefore better maintained in challenging environments, with baselines of up to 50 km, and reacquisition times are improved resulting in more robust overall performance, the company said. P300 and P301 are designed for OEM system integrators who demand the highest level of multi-frequency positioning, accuracy, fast initialization time, and GNSS RTK solutions. Hemisphere GPS’ miniEclipse series includes a single frequency L1 GPS + L1 GLONASS model named P202. Both series are designed for developing integrated high-precision and control applications for geomatics, survey, machine control, and unmanned vehicle solutions. “P300, P301, and P202 all improve upon our already successful miniEclipse OEM modules adding GNSS support to our most compact modules for excellent accuracy and affordability,” said Phil Gabriel, vice president and general manager, Precision Products, for Hemisphere GPS. “System integrators have a wider range of Hemisphere GPS solutions from which to choose to develop world‑class high‑precision products.” Measuring 71 mm long and 41 mm wide, miniEclipse allows for easy integration, especially for integrators who are accustomed to Hemisphere GPS’ Crescent and miniEclipse OEM module performance and footprint. All miniEclipse modules are available through the Hemisphere GPS Precision Products global dealer network.


phone jammer kaufen grosse

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