• Jammer power,high power gps jammer yellow,Spirent’s GSS9000 constellation simulator. Spirent Federal Systems, a U.S. provider of positioning, navigation and timing test solutions to the government and its contractors, announces that...

Jammer power , high power gps jammer yellow

Jammer power , high power gps jammer yellow


  • 2021/03/09
Spirent’s GSS9000 constellation simulator. Spirent Federal Systems, a U.S. provider of positioning, navigation and timing test solutions to the government and its contractors, announces that its GSS9000 RF constellation simulator has been reviewed and granted security approval by the GPS Directorate. Higher dynamic simulations with more accuracy and fidelity are enabled by 1000-Hz (1 ms) System Iteration Rate — a four-fold increase over Spirent’s current GSS8000 product — zero inter-channel bias and a 0.3 mm RMS pseudorange accuracy. The GSS9000 also includes support for restricted and classified signals from the GPS and Galileo systems as well as advanced capabilities for ultra-high dynamics. According to Spirent, the GSS9000 is being rapidly adopted worldwide by key GNSS system and solution developers and providers because of its flexibility, performance and capability. The GSS9000 builds on the capability and performance of previous solutions from Spirent. The GSS9000 is highly flexible and can support the widest range of carriers, ranging codes and data streams for the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou as well as regional/augmentation systems. Its flexibility is key to supporting tailored and customizable solutions for specific and unique test needs. Multi-antenna/multi-vehicle simulation, for differential-GNSS and attitude determination, and interference/jamming and spoofing testing are also supported.


jammer power

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