• Electronic mobile phone jammer,phone jammer china express,Image: Septentrio Septentrio has expanded its GNSS module portfolio with the launch of its mosaic-H heading receiver. According to the company, with dual-antenna capabilities, this surface mount...

Electronic mobile phone jammer , phone jammer china express

Electronic mobile phone jammer , phone jammer china express


  • 2021/11/08
Image: Septentrio Septentrio has expanded its GNSS module portfolio with the launch of its mosaic-H heading receiver. According to the company, with dual-antenna capabilities, this surface mount module delivers reliable heading and pitch or heading and roll information on top of centimeter-level positioning. mosaic-H is the new addition to Septentrio’s existing mosaic module family, which already includes RTK and timing modules, as well as modules with integrated GNSS corrections. According to Septentrio, having a single standard footprint across multiple specialized receiver modules enables integrators to create multiple application-specific products based on a single design. “The mosaic GNSS receivers have set a new performance standard among high-precision GNSS modules,” said Francois Freulon, head of product management at Septentrio. “Adding a second antenna input into the single form factor of mosaic demonstrates Septentrio’s leading position in the high-precision module market. Thanks to its ultra-small dimensions and low power consumption, mosaic-H is the ideal navigation and control solution for robotics, UAVs and autonomous applications which require ultra-robust and secure positioning and heading.” mosaic-H delivers orientation angles immediately from the start, helping initialize inertial systems which otherwise would require movement before they can measure 3D orientation. INS initialization with GNSS attitude from power-up allows machine trajectory path optimization and fully informed navigation of robotic systems immediately from mission start, Septentrio added.


electronic mobile phone jammer

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