• E-fm radio jammer,radio jamming formula physics,DigPilot, a Norwegian supplier of surveying equipment and instruments for building and construction, has developed a flexible 3D machine guidance system based on Septentrio’s AsteRx2eH OEM GNSS...

E-fm radio jammer | radio jamming formula physics

E-fm radio jammer | radio jamming formula physics


  • 2021/03/09
DigPilot, a Norwegian supplier of surveying equipment and instruments for building and construction, has developed a flexible 3D machine guidance system based on Septentrio’s AsteRx2eH OEM GNSS receivers. AsteRx2eH is a single-board dual-frequency dual-antenna 272-channel GPS/GLONASS OEM heading receiver, which provides 20-Hz data output of position, heading and pitch/roll data to the machine guidance system. As a member of Septentrio’s AsteRx family of compact OEM boards, the AsteRx2eH receiver is built around the same advanced GNSS chipset and shares the family’s all-in-view GPS and GLONASS tracking and advanced signal processing algorithms for robust tracking and high-precision positioning, even in challenging environments. The DigPilot machine guidance system uses wireless technology for all of the installed sensors, instead of being hard-wired into the machine. All the components come packed in a hardened plastic case for transportation from one machine to another. The sensors can be clipped into brackets on the excavator arm and cab and calibrated to the machine and bucket in a matter of minutes, Septentrio said. The operator uses an intuitive graphics display on a rugged touchscreen console to control the arm and shovel following a preloaded grade plan. The DigPilot machine guidance systems have been documented to improve on-the-job safety, productivity and quality of work while reducing costs dramatically. With the DigPilot system, companies can move the 3D guidance system around the fleet of construction equipment as needed, at a fraction of the cost of installing hard-wired systems on multiple machines, Septentrio said. DigPilot customers are also using APS-3 GNSS RTK receivers from Altus Positioning Systems, a Septentrio company, in conjunction with the on-board machine guidance system for high-precision site surveys and as-builts. “With the Septentrio OEM receivers we know we can count on the highest levels of accuracy, reliability, ruggedness and performance,” said Jan Floberg, CEO and founder of DigPilot. “We tested all other available GNSS products on the market before deciding on Septentrio. The AsteRx2eH outperforms the other brands in its ability to obtain and hold fix and heading in the rugged terrain of western Norway. We have deployed over 1,000 systems to date.” Altus and Septentrio products will be on display at World of Concrete in Outdoor Booth 032025 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Feb. 3-6.


e-fm radio jammer

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