• Detect cell phone jammer,cell phone jammer Châteauguay,The Institute of Navigation (ION) celebrated its 75th anniversary on June 25. On June 25, 1945, ION held its first organizational meeting on the Los Angeles Campus of the University of California....

Detect cell phone jammer - cell phone jammer Châteauguay

Detect cell phone jammer - cell phone jammer Châteauguay


  • 2021/10/29
The Institute of Navigation (ION) celebrated its 75th anniversary on June 25. On June 25, 1945, ION held its first organizational meeting on the Los Angeles Campus of the University of California. According to ION, 55 people attended this meeting, where a “temporary” organization was established until a general meeting could take place in the fall when articles of incorporation could be drafted and adopted, council members elected and the vision for ION could begin to take shape. The global impact of ION has been documented in its more than 2,600 technical papers that have been published in Navigation, the Journal of the Institute of Navigation. Navigation was first published in March 1946. The Institute of Navigation is a non-profit professional organization advancing the art and science of positioning, navigation and timing.


detect cell phone jammer

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