• Cpr phone blocker review,phone gps jammer reviews,Septentrio has launched two new products. The AsteRxi is the company’s first multi-sensor GNSS receiver. AsteRxi processes high-quality GNSS measurements with IMU-measurements to generate an...

Cpr phone blocker review | phone gps jammer reviews

Cpr phone blocker review | phone gps jammer reviews


  • 2021/09/21
Septentrio has launched two new products. The AsteRxi is the company’s first multi-sensor GNSS receiver. AsteRxi processes high-quality GNSS measurements with IMU-measurements to generate an enhanced integrated position. “Traditionally, professional receivers have been integrated with expensive fiber-optic gyroscopes or similar inertial sensors, making solutions prohibitively expensive for many applications,” said Peter Grognard, managing director of Septentrio. “With the integration of the high-quality MEMS Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) such as the MTi from Xsens with the high-precision AsteRx receivers, the benefits of integrated inertial/GNSS systems become available for a host of new industrial applications.” Besides tracking GPS and GLONASS satellites, resulting in improved availability, the integration with IMU measurements allows AsteRxi to deliver precise position data in places where conventional GNSS receivers can’t. Additionally, the integrated solution provides position data at up to 50 Hz as well as attitude measurements, making it the ideal product for high-dynamic applications, delivering robust performance under obstructions, continuous operation under tree foliage, superior accuracy in urban canyons and much higher multipath rejection, the company said. To optimally address technical and economical requirements of a variety of applications, AsteRxi is designed with an interface that facilitates integration by Septentrio of different IMU-sensors, depending on the application requirements. AsteRxi is delivered standard with Xsens IMUs. AsteRx2eH Introduced. Septentrio also released the AsteRx2eH, a single-board dual-frequency GPS/GLONASS dual-antenna heading and position receiver designed for machine control, marine survey, photogrammetry, antenna pointing, and other demanding multi-antenna applications. Asterx2eH provides reliable heading measurements without being susceptible to magnetic interference, or requiring constant recalibration to maintain its accuracy, the company said, adding that its single-board multi-antenna architecture provides unequalled performance and robustness for GNSS-based heading applications. As member of the AsteRx-family of compact OEM and packaged GNSS receivers, AsteRx2eH is built around the same GNSS chipset and GPS and GLONASS tracking, and advanced signal processing and positioning algorithms for robust tracking and high-precision positioning, especially in challenging environments. Moreover, the electrical and communication interfaces are identical to those of other AsteRx series products, making integration of AsteRx2eH receivers easy, the company said. “With the evolution of GPS and GLONASS systems and the proliferation of our heading technology into increasingly demanding applications, the added navigation signals offered by the different GNSS systems increase our product’s reliability and accuracy in any application,” Grognard said. “AsteRx2eH is the successor to our popular PolaRx2eH receiver. The more compact form-factor, which requires less power to operate, incorporates the superior performance capabilities of our latest ASIC technology, and all the other innovations that our AsteRx2e product family brings.”


cpr phone blocker review

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