• Celljammer0070,celljammer0070,Photo: Systron Donner Systron Donner Inertial (SDI) has released an update to its SDN500 digital quartz MEMS GPS inertial navigation system (GPS/INS). Introduced in 2011, the SDN500 is a platform...

Celljammer0070 , celljammer0070

Celljammer0070 , celljammer0070


  • 2021/09/13
Photo: Systron Donner Systron Donner Inertial (SDI) has released an update to its SDN500 digital quartz MEMS GPS inertial navigation system (GPS/INS). Introduced in 2011, the SDN500 is a platform extension of SDI’s proven, tactical-grade SDI500 IMU. The modular, compact, 25 in3 SDN500 provides for maximum packaging flexibility in dense systems and delivers accuracies to within 1.0 mrad in attitude, 0.1 m/s in velocity and 3.9 meters spherical error probability (SEP), the company said. The SDN500-xE product update provides a newer generation JF2 (C/A) Code GPS receiver and tightly couples the 1 PPS GPS signal to the SDI505 IMU synch pulse to improve heading performance and reduce jitter after long periods of operation without dynamic inputs. The specifications for the updated SDN500-xE will remain the same as the current SDN500-xD INS/GPS device. The SDN500 offers superior tactical-grade performance  integrating SDI’s latest generation quartz gyros capable of 0.5°/hr. bias in-run stability and exceptionally low ARW (0.02°/√ hr.), quartz accelerometers delivering 0.5 milli-g in-run bias stability and low VRW (80 µg/√ Hz.), plus high speed digital signal into a tightly coupled GPS-aided Inertial Navigation System for tactical navigation and geo-location applications.

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