• Cell phone jammer online,cell phone jammer Kenora,NovAtel has integrated its high-precision positioning engine and correction services with automotive-grade multi-frequency GNSS chipsets from STMicroelectronics: specifically, the Teseo APP...

Cell phone jammer online | cell phone jammer Kenora

Cell phone jammer online | cell phone jammer Kenora


  • 2021/11/01
NovAtel has integrated its high-precision positioning engine and correction services with automotive-grade multi-frequency GNSS chipsets from STMicroelectronics: specifically, the Teseo APP (Automotive Precise Positioning) and Teseo V. The integration demonstrates possibilities for vehicle localization solutions. NovAtel is part of Hexagon’s Positioning Intelligence Division. STMicroelectronics’s Teseo APP and Teseo V provide multi-frequency GNSS data for PPP (precise point positioning) and RTK (real-time kinematic) for accurate positioning capabilities. The Teseo APP features built-in integrity checking for use in safety-critical systems, whereas Teseo V is used for non-safety-critical precise positioning applications. The Teseo V SBAS and Teseo V NovAtel PPP tests took place in a light urban environment. (Image: NovAtel) NovAtel’s positioning engine combines the GNSS measurements from these chipsets with inertial measurement unit (IMU) data and Hexagon PPP correction services on the demonstration platform to deliver centimeter-level PPP positioning solutions in real time. “Working closely with STMicroelectronics using their Teseo APP chipset allowed us to innovate and speed up the development of our assured positioning solution tailored specifically for safe positioning of autonomous vehicles,” said Jonathan Auld, VP Engineering and Safety Critical Systems from NovAtel. NovAtel’s positioning engine architecture enables a flexible integration with different GNSS receiver chipsets, IMUs and processor environments, providing automotive manufacturers with additional flexibility when it comes to selecting components and subsystems of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving solutions. Test results: Horizontal position errors. Teseo V alone is shown in red, Teseo V + NovAtel in green. Test results: Horizontal cumulative error distribution. Teseo V alone is shown in red, Teseo V + NovAtel in green. (Chart: NovAtel) Test results: Horizontal cumulative error distribution. Teseo V alone is shown in red, Teseo V + NovAtel in green. (Chart: NovAtel) The positioning engine is being developed to ASIL-B standards according to ISO26262 and will include a proprietary GNSS integrity solution to ensure safe positioning within defined protection limits that are tailored to the customer’s application requirements. “NovAtel’s choice of the automotive-quality ASIL-capable Teseo APP to integrate with their GNSS positioning engine is enabling them to develop a world-class safety-critical positioning offering to the automotive industry,” said Antonio Radaelli, Director, Infotainment Business Unit, STMicroelectronics. NovAtel technology continues to be an integral part of the connected and autonomous car ecosystems, including academic research, industry development and real-life applications. The company’s automotive positioning solution includes automotive GNSS antenna technology, GNSS/INS positioning engine, and global correction services.


cell phone jammer online

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