• Cell phone jammer cheap,cell phone jammer Vaughan,The U.S. Air Force Second Space Operations Squadron (2 SOPS) has issued a statement that the first GPS III satellite is available for backup. While occupying the same plane as SV-68, the new...

Cell phone jammer cheap , cell phone jammer Vaughan

Cell phone jammer cheap , cell phone jammer Vaughan


  • 2021/06/07
The U.S. Air Force Second Space Operations Squadron (2 SOPS) has issued a statement that the first GPS III satellite is available for backup. While occupying the same plane as SV-68, the new satellite is broadcasting healthy, usable signals and is an active part of the constellation in the vicinity of slot F3 near SV-68. On. Jan. 13, 2 SOPS issued an Initial Use (USABINIT) NANU for SVN-74, the first of the new generation of GPS-III satellites, according to Rick Hamilton, CGSIC executive secretariat. SVN-74/PRN-04 was launched on Dec. 23, 2018. Now, having successfully undergone rigorous operational testing on orbit, the satellite has taken its place, backing up SVN-68/PRN-9 at F3 in the active GPS constellation. NOTICE ADVISORY TO NAVSTAR USERS (NANU) 2020004 SUBJ: SVN74 (PRN04) USABLE JDAY 013/1734 NANU TYPE: USABINIT NANU NUMBER: 2020004 NANU DTG: 131735Z JAN 2020 REFERENCE NANU: N/A REF NANU DTG: N/A SVN: 74 PRN: 04 START JDAY: 013 START TIME ZULU: 1734 START CALENDAR DATE: 13 JAN 2020 STOP JDAY: N/A STOP TIME ZULU: N/A STOP CALENDAR DATE: N/A CONDITION: GPS SATELLITE SVN74 (PRN04) WAS USABLE AS OF JDAY 013 (13 JAN 2020) BEGINNING 1734 ZULU. POC: CIVILIAN – NAVCEN AT 703-313-5900, HTTPS://WWW.NAVCEN.USCG.GOV MILITARY – GPS OPERATIONS CENTER at HTTPS://GPS.AFSPC.AF.MIL/GPSOC, DSN 560-2541, COMM 719-567-2541, gpsoperationscenter@us.af.mil, HTTPS://GPS.AFSPC.AF.MIL MILITARY ALTERNATE – JOINT SPACE OPERATIONS CENTER, DSN 276-3514, COMM 805-606-3514, JSPOCCOMBATOPS@VANDENBERG.AF.MIL


cell phone jammer cheap

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