• Car signal blocker,signal blocker car upholstery,u-blox’ NEO-M8L module with 3D ADR technology and integrated sensors provides accurate vehicle position regardless of satellite visibility. (Image: u-blox) U-blox has collaborated with Molex...

Car signal blocker , signal blocker car upholstery

Car signal blocker , signal blocker car upholstery


  • 2021/10/10
u-blox’ NEO-M8L module with 3D ADR technology and integrated sensors provides accurate vehicle position regardless of satellite visibility. (Image: u-blox) U-blox has collaborated with Molex on the Modular Automotive Connectivity (MAX) Platform for intelligent vehicles. The NEO-M8L and TOBY-L4  modules, which are built into the MAX connectivity platform, support the reception and transmission of data over the mobile network to the backend, enabling mobile internet access, in addition to supporting positioning. The solution can determine the position not only via GPS but also via Galileo, Beidou and GLONASS. Molex is a Tier 1 system integrator and supplier of high-speed networking, datacom, rugged industrial and automotive solutions that enable innovative architecture design and development for the intelligent vehicles. Molex will demonstrate MAX in booth 151 at ELIV Oct. 16-17 in Bonn, Germany. The automotive-grade GNSS module NEO-M8L supports positioning, so that the ECU knows exactly where the vehicle is at all times. The solution can determine the position not only via GPS but also via Galileo, Beidou and Glonass. As a result, MAX can be deployed globally and offers a flexible and scalable solution for worldwide mobility providers, OEMs and system suppliers. TOBY-L4 supports the reception and transmission of data over the mobile network to the backend, enabling mobile internet access. MAX offers high-quality vehicle networking for both traditional and new mobility providers. MAX is suitable for small series, such as vans or targeted innovative EV projects. As a central node in the vehicle, MAX enables both internal and external networking. The solution is flexible, scalable and is an open software concept, fulfilling important requirements of the dynamic mobility market, Molex said in press release. “MAX further supports our commitment to providing next-gen connectivity in the car for the entire market, not just a luxury for premium automakers. Molex innovations and expertise are driving solutions that are changing the automotive landscape to allow our customers accessibility,” said Dietmar Schnepp, product director for vehicle communication devices, Molex. “We are delighted to work with a world leader in the automotive market such as Molex and proud to see two u-blox modules at the core of the new MAX connectivity platform,” said Andreas Thiel, head of Product Centers and co-founder of u-blox. “This collaboration demonstrates u-blox’s dedication to providing automotive customers with best-in-class positioning and wireless communications solutions.” MAX can be tailored to the customer’s requirements through individual configuration. The platform combines quality of state-of-the-art communication technologies with the necessary degree of standardization for cost control. In addition, the individual modularization enables a short time-to-market compared to tailor-made solutions. This path is the ideal alternative for telematics service providers who can use MAX as the basis for a backend connection, as well as for the development of various applications.


car signal blocker

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