• Call blocker for phone,phone blocker jammer home,Allystar Technology Co. Ltd., headquartered in Shenzhen, China, has released a multi-band multi-GNSS chipset, the HD9310. The new product is based on the Cynosure III architecture integrating...

Call blocker for phone | phone blocker jammer home

Call blocker for phone | phone blocker jammer home


  • 2021/09/23
Allystar Technology Co. Ltd., headquartered in Shenzhen, China, has released a multi-band multi-GNSS chipset, the HD9310. The new product is based on the Cynosure III architecture integrating multi-band multi-system GNSS RF and baseband. A multi-band, multi-system system-on-chip, it supports BeiDou-3 and is capable of tracking all global civil navigation systems (GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, IRNSS, QZSS and SBAS) in all bands (L1, L2, L5, L6), said Simon Sun, Allystar general manager. Photo: Allystar Technology Designed for high-precision applications, the HD9310 measures 5.0mm x 5.0mm. The architecture integrates floating-point arithmetic units based on ARM CortexM4, 160 KB RAM, 32KB backup RAM with VBAT, 386 KB embedded FLASH and peripheral interfaces UART, I2C, SPI, GPIO, CAN. In terms of the manufacturing processes, it adopts a 40nm process and incorporates a variety of advanced design technologies, endowing it with very power consumption: less than 50mA. The quad-flat no-leads package allows customers to reduce printed circuit board and bill of materials costs while reducing the number of peripheral devices. This chip supports CAN interface and can be widely used in vehicle management, car navigation, wearable devices, GIS data collection, precision agriculture, smart logistics, driverless, engineering survey and other fields. “The HD9310 supports three options of RF setting — A, B, C — for product developers to quickly bring their ideas to the different application and markets,” added Shi Xian Yang, high precision project manager at Allystar. Three available options for the HD9310 chipset. Graphic: Allystar Technology Option A, focused on L5 band, L5/E5, maximizes measurement accuracy and improves multipath mitigation based on higher chip rate. Option B is focused on L2 band, and suitable for relative position applications, for example, real-time kinematic (RTK), because worldwide continuously operating reference stations (CORS) commonly support L1/L2/L1OF/L2OF. Option C is focused on the L6 band and is designed for PPP applications, receiving state space representation (SSR)-type corrections to be broadcast from satellites in the coming future, and supporting B3I already. The HD9310 comes with built-in support for standard RTCM Protocol (MSM), supporting multi-band multi-system high-precision raw data output, including pseudo range, phase range, Doppler, SNR for any kind of 3rd party integration and application. Module.  Allystar Technology also has launched a multi-band multi-GNSS module, TAU1302, which integrates the HD9310 chipset and measures 12 × 16 × 2.3 millimeters. With the features of small size, low power consumption ( Customer samples of the HD9310 chipset are available now.


call blocker for phone

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