• Buy cell phone jammers,phone jammers device,Image: CHC Navigation CHC Navigation has launched a new website to convey its expanding role as a provider of geospatial and GNSS products and solutions. “Our new website provides a clear...

Buy cell phone jammers - phone jammers device

Buy cell phone jammers - phone jammers device


  • 2021/09/20
Image: CHC Navigation CHC Navigation has launched a new website to convey its expanding role as a provider of geospatial and GNSS products and solutions. “Our new website provides a clear insight of who we are and where our ambition lies when developing, delivering and supporting high-end, professional and innovative GNSS-based solutions to our customers,” the company stated in a press release. “The website offers extensive refreshed and updated resources presenting the entire scope of CHCNAV solutions to make any surveying work more effective.” In commenting on the new website, George Zhao, CEO of CHC Navigation said, “We have been enjoying double-digit growth for over 16 years demonstrating the strength of CHC Navigation in the professional GNSS-based markets. Our new website brings a comprehensive vision of our technology and innovation, expanding compelling solutions and our global customer care approach.” Founded in 2003 and based in Shanghai, China, CHC Navigation creates GNSS navigation and positioning solutions.


buy cell phone jammers

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