• Bloqueador de gps,gps on mobile devices,IFEN GmbH, based outside of Munich, Germany, has established IFEN Inc. in the United States. The new U.S. company will address the needs of the American market for GNSS test equipment, IFEN said....

Bloqueador de gps , gps on mobile devices

Bloqueador de gps , gps on mobile devices


  • 2021/07/25
IFEN GmbH, based outside of Munich, Germany, has established IFEN Inc. in the United States. The new U.S. company will address the needs of the American market for GNSS test equipment, IFEN said. “IFEN Inc., located in Corona, California, will greatly facilitate order placement, delivery and support for U.S. customers,” said Günter Heinrichs, head of Customer Applications and Business Development, of IFEN GmbH. “We look forward to addressing the needs of this market.” IFEN has appointed of Mark Wilson vice president of sales at IFEN Inc. Wilson has more than 20 years of experience in the GNSS market. “I am very excited to join the IFEN team. They have extensive experience in all aspects of GNSS and I am looking forward to offering this expertise and the excellent IFEN products to the American Market,” Wilson said. “Our exceptional products offer unrivaled flexibility and capability, at realistic prices providing huge advantages to our customers.” IFEN has more than 15 years of experience in GNSS and offers a range of GNSS test equipment, including simulators capable of simulating all GNSS constellations and frequencies and a multi-GNSS software receiver.


bloqueador de gps

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