• Blocking rfid signals,jamming phone signals phone signals by me spy,Photo: Parker LORD Parker LORD has launched the 3DM-GQ7 dual-antenna RTK inertial navigation system with multiple integrated aiding sensors and support for external aiding. It has two...

Blocking rfid signals - jamming phone signals phone signals by me spy

Blocking rfid signals - jamming phone signals phone signals by me spy


  • 2021/07/23
Photo: Parker LORD Parker LORD has launched the 3DM-GQ7 dual-antenna RTK inertial navigation system with multiple integrated aiding sensors and support for external aiding. It has two integrated real-time kinematic (RTK)-capable multi-band multi-constellation GNSS receivers, integrated barometric pressure sensor, magnetometer, and hardware support for wheel odometry. It also has an application programming interface (API) for external sensor measurements. The 3DM-GQ7 offers advanced sensor fusion for accurate measurements in challenging environments. It provides seamless operation during temporary GNSS signal outages and online tracking of inertial measurement unit (IMU) error sources for superior dead-reckoning. An optional network RTK receiver, the 3DM-RTK, allows users to connect and communicate to the company’s SensorCloud RTK Connection network. This makes for an all-in-one solution (GNSS-INS + RTK + SensorCloud RTK). 3DM-GQ7 Features High quality position, velocity and attitude estimates at rates up to 1 kHz 2-cm position accuracy (in good conditions with RTK corrections available) 0.1 degree roll/pitch accuracy; 0.25 degree heading accuracy with dual-antenna GNSS, depending on conditions All-in-one system solution (GNSS-INS + RTK + SensorCloud RTK) Applications include drones, autonomous vehicles and legged robots


blocking rfid signals

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