• Best jammer,best gps tracker for your car,The M300 Pro CORS receiver. ComNav has released the M300 Pro, a CORS GNSS receiver, and the K528G, a new GNSS OEM board for heading. Designed for reference stations, the M300 Pro tracks GPS, GLONASS...

Best jammer | best gps tracker for your car

Best jammer | best gps tracker for your car


  • 2021/05/27
The M300 Pro CORS receiver. ComNav has released the M300 Pro, a CORS GNSS receiver, and the K528G, a new GNSS OEM board for heading. Designed for reference stations, the M300 Pro tracks GPS, GLONASS and Beidou (B1, B2, B3), and will track Galileo, QZSS and other coming constellations. Its web server function enables easy and convenient remote control. The M300 Pro is compatible with many kinds of CORS software, using the standard data format RTCM and the various data transfer protocols such as UDP, TCP and Ntrip. Raw GNSS observation data can be saved in Rinex format and remotely downloaded. The M300 Pro contains multiple ports, which can configure and connect with external sensors, including but not limited to meteorological sensors, barographs and inclinometers. The PPS output function provides a guarantee for precision timing. The M300 Pro also has the functionality of event mark and external memory. The K528G GNSS board. The K528G is a dual-frequency and multiple constellations GNSS board that provides the highest accuracy in differential positioning. K528G benefits from plenty of constellations signals, due to its advanced tracking performance of both GPS and GLONASS. The K528G can provide positioning and heading information generated by two antennas. The K528G is designed for guiding and positioning construction engines, dredges, barges, shipping container cranes, mining equipment and intelligent transportation systems.    


best jammer

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