• Best cell phone jammer,hidden cellphone jammer splash,The European GNSS Agency (GSA) has launched a new research and development funding mechanism supporting development of Galileo chipsets and receivers, intended to enable the adoption of Galileo and...

Best cell phone jammer | hidden cellphone jammer splash

Best cell phone jammer | hidden cellphone jammer splash


  • 2021/10/11
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) has launched a new research and development funding mechanism supporting development of Galileo chipsets and receivers, intended to enable the adoption of Galileo and EGNOS-powered services across all market segments. The Fundamental Elements programme supports activities that will be carried out from 2015-2020 with a projected budget of EUR 100 million. Fundamental Elements is part of an overall strategy of market uptake initiatives led by the GSA and in accordance with EU regulation. “For the first time, EU regulation provides a financing tool for the market uptake of European GNSS chipsets and receivers,” said GSA Executive Director Carlo des Dorides. “The GSA will be instrumental in ensuring that the new Fundamental Elements programme contributes to the successful integration of Galileo and EGNOS.” Fundamental Elements complements the EU’s Horizon 2020 research programme. While Horizon 2020 aims to foster adoption of Galileo and EGNOS via content and application development, Fundamental Elements projects will focus on supporting the development of innovative chipset and receiver technologies. Fundamental Elements will provide two types of financing: grants and procurement. Grants will be provided with financing currently foreseen for up to 70 percent of the total value of the grant agreement. Intellectual property rights will stay with the beneficiary under the condition that the developed product is aimed at commercialization. In the case of grants, the GSA publishes two annual Grant Plans, one for EGNOS and another for Galileo. These plans indicate the envisaged grants to be awarded per year. The Fundamental Elements grants are included in these plans and can be consulted before the publication of the Call for Proposals. The annual Grant Plans include a brief description of the projects and the indicative budget and timings. Procurement will be used only in cases where keeping intellectual property rights allow for the better fulfillment of the programme’s objectives.


best cell phone jammer

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