• All signals jammers,jammers auto,The EVA-M8 GNSS module by u-blox. Reyax Technology, an industrial and telematics systems provider for aftermarket telematics, has launched a new industrial router platform that incorporates...

All signals jammers - jammers auto

All signals jammers - jammers auto


  • 2021/07/23
The EVA-M8 GNSS module by u-blox. Reyax Technology, an industrial and telematics systems provider for aftermarket telematics, has launched a new industrial router platform that incorporates cellular, short range and GNSS modules from u-blox. The RYW2000 4G LTE and Wi-Fi hot-spot router platform uses the EVA-M8M, a tiny concurrent GNSS module, a TOBY-L2 cellular LTE module that offers throughput of up to 150 Mb/s with LTE Cat.4, and an ELLA-W131 2.4-GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module. “We selected u-blox modules because of their market-leading performance, excellent environmental tolerance characteristics and the fact they develop all of their technology in-house,” said Ritchie Chang, general manager of REYAX Technology. “Our RYW2000 router platform is designed for industrial and telematics applications where performance, reliability and conformance to changing environmental conditions are all critical to the success of our product.” Front and back of the Toby L2 module. The new router platform RYW2000 includes a router platform card for Industrial and telematics applications and measures only 50.95mm x 30mm. Its operating condition and power are DC 3.3V-5.5V. Ming Chiang, country manager of u-blox Taiwan explains, “This is another example of our on-going collaboration with REYAX Technology and we are excited they have chosen to incorporate three of our modules into their RYW2000 product. Together we have a shared vision for the promotional of IoT and M2M technologies to benefit many industries and applications.”


all signals jammers

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